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*$250 for purchase price up to $150,000, $500 for purchase price from $150,000-$300,000, $750 for $300,001-$500,000 and $1,000 for Purchase price $500,000+ | **$500 for purchase price up to $150,000; $1000 for purchase price of $150,000+. | ***Where Applicable

Yes, I agree to be enrolled in Morgan Relocation's Morgan Managed Move program.
Yes, I understand if I fail to notify my property manager of my departure, I will not receive the benefits of this program.
Yes, I understand if I fail to notify the agent I will not receive the benefits of this program

I am an employee of Morgan Management.


As a Resident of Morgan Communities you have an opportunity to participate in the Morgan Relocation Program. (The “Program”) The Program is a free service available to Morgan residents providing advice, assistance and educational opportunities as Morgan Residents vacate our properties and purchase their future residence.

The Morgan Relocation Program is a FREE SERVICE and does not cost you anything. Upon enrolling you will be assigned a Relocation Coordinator. (“Coordinator”) Your Coordinator will contact you 120 days prior to your lease expiration and discuss with your plans for renewing and extending your lease or relocating to another Morgan property; discuss moving to other Morgan Communities or purchasing a future residence. With 33,000 rental units in 14 states Morgan Communities can provide potential rentals or property purchase advice throughout the country. Whether you are moving across town; or relocating to a new city Morgan Relocation and your Morgan Relocation Coordinator can provide you quality helpful information and advice on available relocation options.

The Relocation Program is particularly beneficial if you are interested in purchasing a new home within six months of vacating your Morgan property. As part of the program, Morgan Relocation will refer you respected Real Estate Brokers in the community in which you desire to live. Even prior to vacating your Morgan property our referral Brokers will begin providing you information on your preferred community including schools, employment etc. Importantly, in the event that you purchase a property through the program Morgan Relocation will provide you with up to a $1,000.00 cash relocation benefit to be used any way you would like, and up to $1,000 closing cost credit from the mortgage provider.

Morgan Relocation is a licensed New York State Real Estate Broker. To enroll in the Program you need to designate Morgan Relocation as your exclusive Buyer’s agent. In no event will this designation cost you any money. It simply allows Morgan Relocation to procure a referring Broker regardless of where you eventually purchase.

By executing this document, you grant to Morgan Relocation for six months after termination of your tenancy, the exclusive right to locate or procure real property acceptable to you. You agree to notify any real estate agents you wish to use of your relationship with Morgan Relocation, if you don’t you will not be eligible for the Program benefits. Remember, the final decision whether or not a property is acceptable for purchase shall always be solely within your discretion. Morgan Relocation’s sole service provided pursuant to this agreement shall be to use reasonable efforts to refer to the Resident a satisfactory qualified Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in the community in which Resident desires to relocate. Broker and Buyer and Morgan agree that all actions carried out under this Agreement shall be in full compliance with local, state and federal fair housing laws against discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, marital status, age or disabilities.

You must notify Morgan Relocation Services prior to entering into any contract. Failure to notify Morgan Relocation will result in the nullification of all benefits.